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I’m getting really fucking tired of all the mixed signals I’ve been getting. I’m probably just stressing myself out, but it’s fucking frustrating.  

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my hair is the colour of my lips

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My mother was one of the strongest, loving, most independently beautiful people I ever known. Her spirit guided me through my darkest days although I wasn’t completely aware until I had almost taken my own life. She’s always been with me even though my heart wasn’t open to her calls back then. Now in the light, I feel her all around me..
🌾🌼 wild desert flowers and herbs that remind me of her from our home and my favorite amethysts will accompany me on my meditation tonight. Maybe I’ll see her then ♡ The rest of the evening I’ll be spending it in complete bliss as I partake in yoga and listening to music that reminds me of her. Happy birthday mommmaaaa, I miss you and love you!

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